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We are Letca – Twenty years in the making and only just beginning.


Production houses come and go, most with cute names, but few with the wherewithal to remain standing through economic downturns and an ever-changing market. Moreover, even after two decades we insist on being at the cutting edge of film production.

We can do (and have done!) everything; TV commercials, award winning features, soap operas, production services, digital campaigns, and TV content in both the US Hispanic and General Market. Let us give you a hand!


  • DPA - Adoptable Trends
  • Crest - Date/Interview
  • Don Q - Bad Guy
  • Wendy's - Pretzel Amor
  • Adios Cliches Hola Mexico
  • Glad Tent
  • Dodge - Escape
  • Nutralenda Campaign - Awards List

Our Story

We started in Caracas with a rented one room office and the hope of producing local radio commercials. We presently reside in Miami, in a building designed purposely as a fully equipped production facility, and it is from here that we develop international award winning commercials, feature films, creative shorts, and everything in between.

The Letca Team

Jorge Colón

Partner / Director

Melanie Shapiro

Partner / Financial Officer


Jorge H. Colón


Pilar Gutierrez de Piñeres

Office Manager


Gabriel Colon

Digital Producer

Marta Burga

Sales Rep