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Over the last decade Justin has worked as a Director, DP, and Photographer on a wide range of successful campaigns. His insatiable passion for travel, people and adventure influence his unique point of view and the way he brings stories to life.

Justin has worked with some of the world’s most sought after brands: Ford, National Geographic, Patagonia, Discovery Channel, National Science Foundation, Toyota, Chase, Microsoft, and many others.

Most recently, Justin directed a series of videos for Toyota’s Play Now Campaign featuring the Toyota Tacoma and extreme sport athletes.

Justin continues to explore new types of photography, never allowing himself to be limited to one category.

General Reel

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  • red bull - Eagle Hunter
  • WAMI - Launch
  • Toyota - Play Now DC
  • Toyota - Play Now Motocross
  • Toyota - Play Now BMX
  • Toyota - Play Now Snowboarding
  • Cure Duchenne - Hero
  • National Science Foundation - Portraits of Dagaa, Tanzania
  • under armour - weekend escape
  • Ford - Uncharted Expeditions