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Sculptor, Illustrator, and Award Winning Director.

Marcelo is Argentinean but lives in Madrid since 1998. His first job was as an illustrator for Ogilvy Buenos Aires at the age of 18, having just finished Art studies.

He worked in advertising agencies in Argentina and Spain, first as Art Director and later as Creative Director.

He has worked for Ogilvy, Y&R Buenos Aires, BDDP Madrid, Vega Olmos Ponce and Remo, in Spain. As a creative, he has won more than 70 advertising awards at Cannes, Clio, Andy, NY Festivals…

Seven years ago he decided to change, and became Director / Partner at A few months after that, prestigious Shots magazine included him on his New Directors showcase with a Music Video Clip all drawn and animated by himself. Since then, everything happened very quickly, and he is now considered one of the most talented directors, receiving scripts daily from the best agencies and clients, and winning awards every year since he started directing, including a Silver Craft Lion and 7 more Lions on 2008, 2009 and 2011.

He never works on two projects at the same time, so he can put all his energy on the project he is doing. That’s why he cannot accept more than 8-9 projects a year.

General Reel

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Slice of Life
Video Art
  • Samsung- Biker Gang
  • Nikon- Show Your Love Some Love
  • Nestle- Alice
  • Mustang - BandaAire (ENG)
  • Gatorade- Sigue Sudando
  • Aquarius - Libra
  • Schweppes Directors Cut
  • Avon - Holidays
  • modelo - nuevas latas
  • Samsung - The Sweet Spot
  • modelo - chefs de vida
  • goya-real-life-heros
  • gnp - agentes de seguros
  • toyota - chupacabras
  • Toyota - Metaaal
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  • coca cola - paranoia postmoderna
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  • playstation - victor
  • playstation - neanderthal
  • Sony - Marilyn
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