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We are duo that’s spent 13 years doing crazy things together… Anything that sounds like madness is an invitation for us. We have filmed in glaciers, mountains, deserts, and jungles. In the extremest conditions always looking for that idyllic take, for this is the perfect unity to create a web of ideas to tell a story.

Adventurous by nature, we are in a constant search to share experiences through the language of film in all of its formats… We love those pieces that fill their core with genuine content and that is what we do. Alina is a communicator, Diego is a composer and together we are filmmakers, narrators, tale tellers… we are Meteora.

General Reel

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TV Promo
  • Soft Dreams - Baby Yoga
  • Soft Dreams - Dulces Sueños
  • Trailer - Echoes of Impermanence
  • Trailer - Agua Blanca
  • Roxy Sup - Shelby
  • Michin - Algo Bueno
  • El Nicho - An Evening of Experimental Music
  • Chicza - Ingrediente Colectivo
  • Canesten V - Imaginary Gym
  • MTV - Acapulco Shore 2
  • Liverpool - Teens Back To School
  • Liverpool - Kids Back To School
  • Bimbo - Abrazo del Osito