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Pedro has a vast experience working in the film industry where he developed an interesting artistic profile where humor, sensitivity, rhythm and aesthetics meet in different doses according to the project. Started working in Film at 19, walked all the way up while studying. As a director he shot in USA and many countries in Latin America with great results and a few awards.

He also had the chance in Theater where he was awarded two years in a row and praised by the media for his work with Diego Reinhold.

There’re two other remarkable aspects on his artistic profile: Music and Photography.

Being almost a kid he started as a DJ to become, later on, one of the top DJs in Argentina during the ‘90s. He played with many international DJs not only in Buenos Aires but also in Uruguay, Brazil, Spain and Scotland. The last years he had many performances in Miami and Buenos Aires. His DJ Sets are still coming out every now and then.

Before learning to shoot film he learned to shoot pictures and kept this passion as something personal that he combined with his hunger for adventure around the world. He photographed 23 countries in three continents. Most of the pictures he has shot are a story told in one frame.

We can say that with his picture, his music and videos, Pedro is a natural Storyteller.

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TV Promo
  • Wendys - Pretzel Amor
  • FCAHT - Makeover
  • Wendys-Bombero
  • Wendys-Mago
  • Wendys - Novela
  • Itau - mama
  • ALA - Hitman Car
  • ALA - Hitman Cowboy
  • Brahma - El Mejor Bar
  • Concor Razors - Mesias
  • MTV - Guik
  • MTV - Tune In
  • MTV - Guik Teaser
  • Hamlet - Chica
  • Hamlet-Chico
  • Opera - Musical
  • Oral B - Enjuagues Bucales
  • Oral B - Dietas
  • Oral B - Peores Alimentos
  • Volkswagen - Gol
  • Clarin - El Sabelotodo Jamaica
  • Clarin - El Sabelotodo Iran
  • Clarin - El sabelotodo Maracana
  • Clarin - El Sabelotodo Japon