Estudio Fe



Estudio FE is located in the heart of Santiago Chile, with a state of the art in-house studio that is as beautiful as the work that you will produce from it.  But that is only part of the package. With a quick drive you will find yourself shooting in deserts, beaches, glaciers, forests, and more.  Chile has become a hub for filmmakers and models alike making it a great place to find up and coming talent, in front of and behind the camera.

State of the art studios

Having 14 years in the industry, Estudio FE has created stories and images for all walks of life. Being led by Javiera Eyzaguirre and Jorge Jofré Gaete , FE work with perseverance, determination, and efficiancy because they love and believe what they do and will stop at nothing to make sure that the people and brands they work are represented and get the best result possible. 

beach for sunrise, glaciers by sunset