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Nutralenda Campaign – Awards List

Letca Films is happy to congratulate Macias Advertising for their win at last nights 2012 Addy Awards and finalist for Best of Show.

Their online video campaign for Nutralenda was funny, slightly absurd and a joy to work on!

Letca is proud to have been part of the project and looks forward to working on more winning campaigns thought up by the brilliant minds at Macias Advertsing.

  • Nutralenda - Yoga
  • Nutralenda - Platsa
  • Nutralenda - Sauna
  • Nutralenda - Skin


Entrant: Macias Advertising
Advertiser: Nutralenda Nutraceuticals
Title: CAL-Dropper of Mad Wisdom


Marcos Macias, CCD
Jorge Colon, Director
Yiya Garcia, Producer
Sherman Johnson, DP
Alex Hernandez, Producer
2150 Editorial, Jeff Sternberger
Chris Breen, CW
Moving Forward Studios, Leo Lovera
IndieHouse, Pablo Casares
Idalmis Santana, Voiceover
Kent Hernandez, “Cal”